STOPisSTART is welcoming fashion label based in Antwerp and Zlin. 

spontaneous, environment friendly, expressive, creative, emotional, graphical, positive, arty, carrying, courageous, loving.

STOP ...when you feel everything has to stop and you just like to do WHAT YOU WANT RIGHT NOW!

 STOP is START s.r.o. sustainable fashion and accessories label. Marketa Martiskova as a designer looks to the world and identifies social distraction, day-to-day topics and global issues through designs. She is communicating through symbols, typography, prints and employed techniques. She strives to provide her clients withenvironment-friendly and upcycling based designs.

She is using certain kind of raw materials which could be regarded as waste ,, but to her, they represent a new start, a departure point for working with and developing interesting fabrics and creating beautiful non-netted sweaters and coats. Her designs could be descried like painting with textile.

STOP is also designing hats made from recycled rabbit hair with company Tonak.



STOP is a welcoming brand open to collaborate. We can connect.


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Na výsluní 251, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic


Belpairestraat 20, Antwerp 2600, Belgium